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Inspired by the unique complexities of running modulations in parallel, Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils the Visitor Parallel Multi-Modulator. With three different primary modulation options (tremolo, chorus, and phaser) and two parallel secondary modulation options (tremolo and chorus), Visitor immediately inspires new sounds in a single pedal format. Further strangeness occurs with the delay offset of the secondary modulation and the interaction of the secondary rate and the primary depth.


Visitor features:


· Primary modulation switchable between tremolo, chorus, and phaser

· Secondary modulation switchable between tremolo and chorus

· Rate and Depth controls for primary modulation

· Secondary knob to simultaneously control depth, rate, and delay offset of secondary modulation

· Regen control for master feedback

· Master mix control

· Expression control over Secondary knob

· Relay bypass switching and standard 9VDC center negative powerV


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