Meet the new Proton - the best envelope filter you’ll ever use.


The Proton is an optically controlled analog envelope filter. The circuit has been completely redesigned to offer better tone and a more musical response. It has a new detector circuit based on the one in the Chromatron, and the familiar control layout has a greatly expanded range that can get the classic 1970s filter sounds and well beyond. The new range switch allows for much deeper filter sweeps, and the reworked tone knob covers every soundscape from cocked wah to laser beams.


  • A modern homage to the classic Mutron III envelope filter


    New features for v3:


    Tone knob for fine control over the filter sweep.


    Increased sensitivity range for better compatibility with low-output instruments.


    Phase-correct output for predictable use in blend pedal signal chains.



    Footprint: 64 x 118 mm

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