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The DSM Noisemaker LOOPSTER is a dual blend pedal that lets you expand the options available from any pedal you like, by giving the user TWO accesible Blend settings. And not only that, it allows to boost your favorite pedal/preamp/amp on the front end AND on the output, giving Gain AND Volume boost!!

As all our products, it was designed and developed as a tool for professional musicians who want to have full control over their tone and get the most from their setup. We have seen many frustrated artists complaining that their boost will only give them more Distortion (with no volume boost) or viceversa. We have the solution for that, allowing the user to boost PRE and/or POST effect, practically adding a new channel to your setup!

Baby´s got the Blends!

Do you have a great Bass Fuzz or Distortion pedal that you wish it has a blend function?

The loopster gives you TWO blend settings!

Do you want more Gain AND Volume for your solos or bridges?

Adjust the pre and post gain controls on the boost channel and there you go! A whole new Channel on your rig!

This pedal is ideal to be used with Drive pedals, but it is great with any effect that you want to have extra control of DRY/WET settings, like Reverbs, Delays, Choruses, Compressors, etc. 

If you are a guitar player, hook it up with your amp with the 4 cable method and you will have the greatest solo/rhythm tones at the tip of your feet. Make your 1 channel vintage amp a Dual channel high gain beast!!




2 channels: 

  • Normal: Normal wet/dry blend control, great for your base tone.

  • Boost: 

    • ​Pre-gain boosts the SEND signal up to 36 dB​​

    • Post Gain Boost the RETURN signal up to 24dB

    • Boost Blend sets the WET/DRY balance for this channel

    • Mid Boost: Boosts the midrange 12dB @ 1kHZ, for that tight, crunchy boost.

Phase Switch: Changes the polarity of the side chain. Some pedals invert the signal, so this control is important to avoid phase cancelling.

Send Jack: Sends the signal into the effect/preamp/pedal in the loop

Return Jack: Receives the wet signal back from the effect/preamp/pedal in the loop

Engage Footswitch: Turns the Loopster on or off. When disengaged, the pedal in the loop will be bypassed.

Boost Footswitch: Activate/Deactivate the Boost channel

Power Supply: Uses 9V up to 18V, center negative, regulated power supply.

Power Consumption: 30mA


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