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Ghost Ridge

The Ghost Ridge is multi-reverb pedal designed with simplicity in mind. The Ghost Ridge offers four unique reverb algorithms: hall, plate, room, and spring. In addition, the Ghost Ridge includes up to four programmable presets. Each reverb algorithm features controls for mix, depth, and modulation.



  • 4 unique reverb algorithms: hall, plate, room, and spring
  • 4 programmable presets
  • Individual controls for mix, depth, and modulation
  • Buffered bypass with latch/momentary switching
  • Optional trails
  • Top-mounted jacks


Power: 9V DC, 70mA (center negative)


Dimensions: 2.6''x4.77'' (W x L)


About the Artwork:

The design for the Ghost Ridge is a tribute to my Blackfeet (Amskapi Pikuni) heritage. In 1882, the buffalo reached near-extinction and during that year, the last buffalo hunt took place. Unfortunately, the buffalo was the source of life for the Blackfeet. The Blackfeet used the buffalo for food, clothing, shelter, and other applications. After the last hunt, hundreds of the Blackfeet lost their lives due to starvation and many were buried at Ghost Ridge. Ghost Ridge is a burial site located outside of Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet reservation.

Ghost Ridge

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