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BLACK BETTY and BETTY WHITE are the same pedal. They may be different colors, but inside, they are exactly the same. They sound identical, they feature the same PCB, transistors, and parts-values.. 


One is black, one is white.. they both bleed solder. 


All profits from the sales of either pedal will be donated to organizations fighting for racial equality. (This quarter we'll be donating to BLM Nashville Chapter.)


This fuzz is based on a very famous fuzz nicknamed for its single knob. We’ve tweaked the circuit to our taste, and have implemented a bass control (via a side-mounted trim pot) but at the root of it, this is a very simple circuit. The single knob on the face acts as a master volume and the gain is essentially always set at max!


*This pedal DOES NOT come with a power adapter. We recommend using an isolated DC power supply.


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