Barefoot Buttons

Barefoot Buttons

  • Whether you're really playing barefoot or not, BFB improves your entire pedalboard experience.


    Not only do they look great and add a touch of personality to your pedals, these buttons make switches easier to engage, easier to see, and solve height clearances for back-row pedals (see: Tall Boy, 4th photo).


    V1 Buttons: Standard 3PDT switches (hard clicky switches!)

    V2 Buttons: SPST switches (soft-touch, tap tempo, etc.)

    All Barefoot buttons are CNC machined with 6061 aircraft grade aluminium and come with 3 stainless steel screws.


    Buy more with your friends and save!

    PRICE TIERS (V1 & V2):

    1 for $15

    3 for $40

    5 for $65

    10 for $120

    15 for $175

    20 for $230


    V1 Tall Boys: $15

    Mix & Match regular & Tall Boy buttons and get your regular buttons for cheaper! $13 (2-5 button purchases) or $12 (6-14 buttons)!

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