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NEW: Epigaze Audio Civic Crown Overdrive

Epigaze Audio Civic Crown Overdrive

Watch out gearheads, another overdrive pedal is making its way into this saturated (aha) market!

Fresh out the oven from the folks at Epigaze Audio, the Civic Crown is as attractive as it is highly functional. The LED-illuminated knobs (that respond to how hard you pick) are one of the coolest features by far!

The Civic Crown is feature-rich for such a compact build - 2 internal dip switches for headroom and bass boost, a 3-band EQ along with your standard gain and level controls, giving you all the tweakability you could ask for in a drive pedal.

Epigaze Civic Crown Overdrive Pedal

Photos: @epigazeaudio

No full-length rundowns yet, but this might be the next transparent OD to make it to your board. Epigaze notes that the Civic Crown will be perfect for “multi-guitar rigs which may benefit from a different EQ and headroom level depending on the guitar being used” and we couldn’t agree more.

We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more of this promising, GAS-inducing nugget. But until then, admire a snippet of those touch-sensitive backlit knobs in the video below!

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