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  • RnB, Soul, Pop, Jazz, whatever.


    Formed in 2016 and fresh off of winning the inaugural Stärker Music Carnival, ɅSTRONɅUTS are the budding band to watch. This groove-heavy, soulful bunch are rearing to go with their first single set to be launched early 2017.


    Also, 2 of these guys may look like they have something to do with Stompbox SG and you are absolutely, most definitely, wrong.


    The ɅSTRONɅUTS use:

    Gruv Gear GigBlades

    Gruv Gear SoloStrap Neo 2.5 & 4.0

    Pike Amplification Vulcan XL 

    Rockett Archer Ikon

    Rockett Lenny

    Rockett Dude

    Rockett Boing Spring Reverb

    EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

    EarthQuaker Devices Hoof

    Lava Cable

    BTPA Pedaltrain Side-Panels


    Find ɅSTRONɅUTS at:

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